Get to know your audience with AI

Imagine being able to talk to each representative segment of your audience and having them react in real-time...

Contributors: Stephanie Gathercole

As an author, I spend a lot of time listening to conversations between fictional characters inside my own head. It’s often those conversations that help reveal the hidden depths and motivations of my characters and help me drive my plot forward.  

I then got to wondering whether I could apply a similar method to my work in healthcare marketing and copywriting. In my everyday work, I often find myself writing for very specific audiences and sometimes those audiences are made of vast numbers of different people with complex needs and nuanced interests. If I could sit down and speak directly to customer personas to work out exactly who they are, how they think and what they want; I could personalise my content to truly tackle their concerns and provide the information they need most.  

With the constant evolution of AI technology and chat bots, it could now be possible to chat to a digital version of my target audience that combines the wealth of complex data and analytics into a human-like character so that I can get to better understand their needs and motivations.  

By using AI to take on the personality of a customer persona, we can discover better ways of communicating with them and sharing our messages in a way that they can better engage with, totally transforming the face of medical communications.  

AI has the capability to pull data from a host of resources and translate it into human, relatable conversations. By drawing on this well of information and working with the information we already have about our customer personas, we can delve deeper into important questions that can help formulate a more targeted content strategy, such as:  

  1. What is your job role or specialty within healthcare?

  2. Which healthcare setting do you work in?

  3. What are your core responsibilities?

  4. What are the biggest challenges you face in carrying out those responsibilities?  

  5. Are there any areas or topics of interest within healthcare that you would like to know more about?

  6. What are the biggest barriers to new information in your role?

  7. What sources do you typically use to stay up to date on the latest medical information?

  8. Are there any specific content formats or channels you prefer to use when searching for industry information?

  9. How do you best take in new information?

  10. How do you share new information with colleagues? Is there a platform or service you use more than others for sharing?

By asking these questions, you can gradually gather valuable insights about the audience's roles, challenges, interests, preferred information sources, and expectations. These insights can guide your content strategy, allowing you to create targeted and relevant content that effectively engages and serves your audience.

By being able to create open and realistic conversations, we can develop a clearer understanding of the people we’re trying to communicate with and use that understanding to develop more targeted and impactful strategies with valuable, relevant and engaging content.

Seeking to elevate the way customers interact with your brand?

Seeking to elevate the way customers interact with your brand?

Seeking to elevate the way customers interact with your brand?