Lianne's story

Supporting Deaf People With Their Mental Health

Take a look at how we helped a member of our team to achieve her goal of providing more support to the Deaf community


At Mednet Group, it's our belief that diversity drives engagement.

That’s why we embrace the differences and diverse experiences of our team and draw on them to develop work that engages and impacts customers by reflecting real life.

Our campaign, 'The i in innovation stands for inclusion', shares genuine stories of the lived experiences our team draws upon, to produce empathic and relevant innovations in the healthcare space for our clients.

One colleague’s story we’re proud to share as part of the campaign is Lianne’s. Her journey is a testament to how, in the right environment and given the right support, the challenges experienced by people with long-term health conditions like hers, can fuel impactful innovation.

Lianne is a Black Deaf woman who struggles with mental health, while also juggling the responsibilities of a single mum. Following a period of unemployment, Lianne first joined Mednet Group through a referral from the Charity MIND, taking on an administrative role.

But her real ambition was to create an app to support Deaf people, like herself, with their mental health. So, we instead mentored, trained, and assisted her in developing her experience to set up a new business and bring her vision to life. Lianne also has a passion for creative writing. We worked closely with her to create her own website and showcase her incredible writing, which looks to drive representation through screenplays, poetry, radio plays and more. We also facilitated her work  on a podcast to help support and inspire people with similar stories to her own.

All the work Lianne does goes a long way toward helping people become more deaf aware  and she hopes this will make it easier for people within healthcare to understand the day-to-day difficulties Deaf people face.

We are proud to be making a real difference in society through our team’s incredible work. We’re a social enterprise that is helping the pharmaceutical industry shape the future of healthcare communications through inclusion that drives innovation. Our social aim is to provide employment for people who may struggle to gain or retain employment due to long-term health conditions and help them make a real difference, not only to their own lives, but to the whole community.

Seeking to elevate the way customers interact with your brand?

Seeking to elevate the way customers interact with your brand?

Seeking to elevate the way customers interact with your brand?