International Women's Day - Why being a woman-Led business matters

For International Women's Day, we're exploring why it's so important that we see more female leaders taking charge

Produced by: Miranda Stead, Steph Gathercole

As a female company director, I know what a difference diversity at every business level can make to employees, clients, and the quality of work we produce. That's why it’s disappointing that less than 10% of FTSE 100 companies have female CEOs.

Mednet Group is a certified woman-owned business, and we're proud that over half of our Senior Leadership Team are women. I've always strived to ensure that the board and broader team were as diverse as the patients we ultimately serve. By building a team that comes from all walks of life, we can bring different perspectives and experiences to our work and create impactful, empathetic campaigns that resonate with audiences.

Of course, the benefits of being a woman-owned business also impact the people working within the company. People see we're woman-owned and realise that we're an inclusive, diverse team that provides a safe space for anyone looking to grow within the med-comms industry. It gives them an ethos to get behind and one that more and more people - employees and clients - want to be involved with.

Being inclusive means, we also understand the value of giving everyone the same support and encouragement to progress. Through flexible working arrangements to accommodate parenthood, chronic illness, or other responsibilities, we've made it easier for women to work in a way that suits them. We also actively encourage team members to take on training and offer mentoring schemes to help everyone reach their career goals - whatever they are.

By offering a safe space for our team to learn and grow without bias, we make it easier for everyone to thrive and love the work they do.

Seeking to elevate the way customers interact with your brand?

Seeking to elevate the way customers interact with your brand?

Seeking to elevate the way customers interact with your brand?